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Nature's Artisan: Meet

Hand Crafted by Fred Ricci


Hudson Valley Wooden Bowls  proprietor, Fred Ricci, has lived in the Hudson Valley his entire life.  He has worked with wood as a carpenter for 50 plus years.  He had his own business doing remodeling work before moving into the entertainment industry. He then proceeded to go into building scenery on various television and stage productions.  He then elevated his career  into becoming a lead 

PropertyMaster on various live Broadway productions. Now, semi-retired, Fred has the time to make the kind of creations that he always wanted to make.

 Fred loves the smell of cut wood and the feel of it.  He puts his heart and soul into every piece.  Each one is unique as it is a work of art.  There are other bowls on the market.  But only Hudson Valley Wooden Bowls has the soul of a craftsman in every piece.